Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where have all the hot women gone?

Just got dumped by some blind date that I was set up with. I wasn't upset that I was dumped by someone that I loved as obviously I wasn't since it was only a second date and we really pretty much disagreed about everything. The thing that upset me was that she was pretty , or at least pretty to me, so I tried my best to get together with her even though it meant arranging my schedule to see her on HER spare time which in hindsight I feel like a real sucker and really "whipped".

She had every right to dump me but I hated the reason, "we are very different". For me different is something to be cherished it gives you something to talk about and discuss, that is how we learn, I was truly interested in her rather non medical profession which was very non high power anything and political views as simple and unsophisticated as they were. She considered me opinionated. Well if having opinions is a crime, your honor, I am guilty.

I really wish I could be attracted to all the 35 -40 year olds usually divorced that write to me on line. I feel cursed, in a way that I am attracted to pretty women. Who is attracted to the older unsexy women? Do they just date them because they can't get who they really want. For now I will hold off on dating the ugly "chics", at least until Sat night.


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty harsh :) Im 27 single ans smoking hot but Ill tell you its not always what you say but how you say it. For example you could have said: I wissh I was attracted to the 35-year old dirorce women who usually write to me but i think that we are in different stages of our lives and Im looking for someone who can meet my needs (specifically, a hot woman). Instead you basically said I dont have time for fat, ugly washed up ho's.

Plus if you said that to my face Id probably clock you one. Its okay to have differences of opinions but if u are going to be a major ahole about it you would be lucky to even get the ugly chick.

Coffee Addict said...

Sorry, I'm post-call and I laughed. I need restraining orders on some of the younger blokes who try to hit on me when I'm on the job so


Oh yeah, I have no time for a social life.

Notsofrummie said...

Hey anoymous its interesting how you call youself 'smoking hot', from my experinces is that its usually those cocky ugly bitches think their super hot and no make up in the world would make them doable. How about you sending us a picture and we'll be the judge. Till then, i would refrain from telling people you are hot.

jenn said...

Resident...the big question is whether u are hot or not. I hate it when guys who are really not hot feel entitled to a gorgeous girl and get pissed when the girls arent interested.

residency year sucks said...

hey anony how about the spell check, or are you too busy out with the hombre's since you are so "hot"? You can come over here and let me decide. BTW this is an anonymous forum where I can vent without anyones feelings being compromised and I don't need to be F'ing PC just for the sake of it. In the real world I am very polite and reply to all the desperate 40 year old washed up ho's that write to me.

Coffee Addict hang in there, I try as well avoid dating the 90 year old demented widows or the younger but drug addicted middle aged ladies. If I was you I would go for the Attd, assuming he isn't an a hole.

NSF thank yo for your support great blog btw

Jenn I think I am at least above avg judging from the responses I get from nursing and friends. FYI I am not expecting a Maxim model or even Lane Bryant though that would be a acceptable (Maxim that is) providing she was fun, nice, trustworthy, and we got along.

LakewoodShmuck said...

love is just around the corner

Anonymous said...

Is this a frumie blog and I just didnt know it? It may explain some things.

Nicole said...

I'm a hot 37 year old woman, photos at my website. Feel free to browse. I consider myself nature hot, not American sitcom sheeple hot.

Anyway, I noticed that there wasn't a heck of alot of detail about what this guy considers hot. Perhaps some of the commenters may want to remember that smart guys are generally "freaks".

None of us knows what this guy actually considers hot. One of the few things he menioned as not hot was being older (than him). This is his preference, and he's welcome to it.

It grates my nerves when people behave as if they are entitled to certain kinds of admiration just because. At the same time, he should probably understand that he is no more entitled than anyone else.

Looking good and being a member of a socially convenient profession doesn't automatically create trust and respect among women who are intellectually and socially equal and additionally either media or naturally beautiful.

In fact, having an intense profession can be a turn off. For me, it means he might have gone for that career because of power issues that might be a problem for us later, but for others the lack of free time would be the downer. The only thing I can advise for this young man is to let some time pass for wisdom to kick in. Then he'll realize that people aren't interchangeable...and after working long enough as a doctor he'll figure out that all of us are only one accident, disease, or condition away from ugly or dead.

Enjoy the things about the women you encounter that aren't so easily destroyed. Most doctors I know ended up with partners with very strong personalities, who weren't always so "pretty" or socially convenient.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Hi, I've found you through NSF's blog. I'm female, slowly approaching my thirties, admittedly averagely attractive, and I cannot see what all this whining by other female commentors is about. None of them would, pardon my French, spread their legs for a guy 1.5-times their age they'd find physically unattractive, so why would they claim it a sign of maturity from you to consider such? That's simply hypocritical. Besides, none of them fussed about the obviously much older ladies that try to hit on you either because of your physical features or your profession (and shouldn't those ladies be sooo more mature than you?), so they're applying double-standards there as well. As a friend of mine once said, everybody should shop in their own price range.

Anonymous said...

My true love is dead, and I still feel sorry for you, medical resident. Just try to be a little (actually a lot) more open-minded and giving and less defensive and maybe you will find the one.