Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My new life as a resident, Let's save some lives!

Finally done with Intern year, it didn't end soon enough. Now I have the glory of minimal scut work but real responsibility. Stuck with responsibility of peoples lives vs making the interns life hell. Trying to save the night float intern last night from scut almost ended in disaster, so much for compassion ......I guess you must be cruel (to the intern) to be kind (the patient) as the song and Shakespeare lament.

I have also reconsidered my thoughts on eugenics (vis-a-vis survival of the fittest) and now believe in saving lives. Not that I no longer believe in the theory but now I realize that saving lives really does support the theory in that those with better genes will more likely seek out and receive health care.

All that is left is for me to justify an upcoming medical trip to rural Africa I plan on taking in wintertime.

PS Update on my personal life free again after 2 1/2 week relationship 4 weeks accd to her. BTW why are men expected to move for their GF can't they just yank a friend that is free and that lives nearby? What am I some cheap ass mover with nothing to do with my free time that I should shlep across town for work that can be done in 1/5 the time by anybody else. You need not fear I refused.